How to Go from Wanting to Write to Actually Writing

actually writing

Have you ever been standing in a circle of friends, about to say something, when all of the sudden you forget what you were going to say? Just had it. Right there. Tip of the tongue. The idea feels foggy and distant. But it’s present enough to live under your skin. You crave remembering. It’s […]

How to Know if You (& Your Writing) are on the Right Path

Writing in your sleep

I used to only write in my sleep. Images, colors, stories, and words danced behind closed lids. When I woke up, (but only slightly), I imagined myself sitting at my desk, in front of my open Mac, typing away. The sentences came forth swimmingly. Naturally. I could see the pages filling up so clearly. And […]

How You’re Sabotaging Your Writing (& What To Do Instead)

How Your're Sabotaging Your Writing (& What To Do Instead)

Submit. Email sent to hundreds of Finally Writing readers. I feel accomplished, peaceful, and excited that the new article has been sent out. Then… My stomach churns and sinks deep into a well of dread. My head starts to ache in panic. My heart begins forcefully pumping me out of my body. I had meant to send […]

The Best Books for Aspiring Writers

The Best Books for Aspiring Writers

With the holiday last weekend, I had some some extra space to sprawl in the sun with a good book (I like to pretend I’m a literary cat in times like these). This got me thinking about the books I have loved the most along the writing journey. The following are some of my favorite […]

When Life Throws a Curveball & You Can’t Write

can't write

Since we last “saw” each other, I had a big ol’ curveball thrown at me and I couldn’t write. So here’s what happened: I am heading to Japan in about two weeks and found out I may not be able to board the plane. Buying plane tickets, especially international ones, always fills me with a mix […]

Don’t Do These 12 Things When You Write Your Draft

12 things

  This week has been cray-zay…but in a good way. With my days quite busy (full time–and then some–work, writing an ebook, which I’m pumped to share with you! Planning a trip, family and friend gatherings, writing, editing, blogging and making sure to fit in Game of Thrones and Louie) I want to be sure to […]

Free Wallpaper to Spark Your Creativity

wallpaper creativity

Hey there, so I thought I would do something a little fun and different this week. I was noticing how much time I spend on my computer and looking at my phone and ipad. And, I don’t think I am alone. Because our eyeballs can be so connected to a screen, I created some wallpapers for […]