The Best Books for Aspiring Writers

The Best Books for Aspiring Writers

With the holiday last weekend, I had some some extra space to sprawl in the sun with a good book (I like to pretend I’m a literary cat in times like these). This got me thinking about the books I have loved the most along the writing journey. The following are some of my favorite […]

When Life Throws a Curveball & You Can’t Write

can't write

Since we last “saw” each other, I had a big ol’ curveball thrown at me and I couldn’t write. So here’s what happened: I am heading to Japan in about two weeks and found out I may not be able to board the plane. Buying plane tickets, especially international ones, always fills me with a mix […]

Don’t Do These 12 Things When You Write Your Draft

12 things

  This week has been cray-zay…but in a good way. With my days quite busy (full time–and then some–work, writing an ebook, which I’m pumped to share with you! Planning a trip, family and friend gatherings, writing, editing, blogging and making sure to fit in Game of Thrones and Louie) I want to be sure to […]

Free Wallpaper to Spark Your Creativity

wallpaper creativity

Hey there, so I thought I would do something a little fun and different this week. I was noticing how much time I spend on my computer and looking at my phone and ipad. And, I don’t think I am alone. Because our eyeballs can be so connected to a screen, I created some wallpapers for […]

Monotasking Your Writing Practice (Prewrite Checklist)


According to a study covered by the New York Times, it takes someone about 10-15 minutes to get back on track after getting distracted. So, that seemingly innocent text message you send, or the question you stop to ask Google, can be a total time suck. For example, I was writing earlier with multiple tabs open in my browser, my phone […]

Find Your Niche in 3 Easy Steps (Worksheet)


Find a niche… Do I gotta? Yep, you do and here’s why. Having clarity on your niche gives you focus. It helps you find your audience and position yourself against others who are writing about similar things as you. Defining your niche encourages your audience to show up. People get you, they understand you and resonate with your what you […]

Conscious Surrender: Reflections on Jeff Goins’ The Art of Work

art of work

  My call to write came as a whisper. A small, gentle brushing against my skin. It didn’t show up as a conscious desire to write, but rather a desire for something more. I became conscious of this call when I was in a job that felt stagnant. I felt uncreative, depressed, and out of sync with my […]

4 Ways to Turn Comparison into Powerful Creative Fuel

Comparison can kill your creativity. It can stop your writing in its tracks. When the comparison bug hits, you feel small, deflated, uncomfortable and uninspired. Comparison makes you doubt your ability, your message and all that you originally felt driven and inspired by. Comparison can make us play small. So let’s change that… Read more at […]