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Turn Pro: Why Serious Bloggers Need To Consider Themselves Full Time Writers

In a small room, she sits tacked to her notebook and computer, writing page, after page. The book she’s creating is coming together: pages piling up, and for good reason. The deadline is standing over her shoulder, nudging her to write, write, write. A few streets over, another girl sits at her desk, laptop open, writing post, after update, after page. Her internal drive pushing her, the expectations of her readers, and the deadlines she’s created for herself keep her [Continue Reading]

Warning: Is What You Know Killing Your Brilliant Copy?

Time machine time. There you are, sitting at your desk (with your feet barely touching the ground) waiting expectantly as your teacher makes her way around the class. You watch her as she places papers on each of your peer’s desks. You want to know your grade, even though you know it will be good. You are proud of this one. Your writing was creative, full of personality, and passion about the project. You can picture it now: A+  (Maybe [Continue Reading]

The One Thing That Sets Good Copy Apart From The Competition (With Printable)

Think of your favorite blogger, resource, or a place where you feel at home online. Do you remember the first time you found the site? I bet you didn’t find it intentionally. Rather, you likely were searching for something else, which brought you to exactly where you needed to be. This has happened to me a few times, and when it did, all my priorities immediately shifted. I excitedly read through the archives, bought what they are selling, and felt [Continue Reading]

Periscope Tips for Introverts & for Those Who Dread Being on Video (With Bonus Scope Cheat Sheet)

  The first Scope I ever did I deleted it immediately. I was petrified that anyone would actually see the replay and I was so grateful that there was only one or two people who saw it in the first place. The broadcast was short, awkward, and didn’t come out at all how I had pictured. I was nervous and uncomfortable. Filled with overthinking. What will people think? I can’t edit? Gah. Did I disappoint the people who did show [Continue Reading]

Create Content Like a Boss: 11 Rad Articles & Bonus Worksheets

Every time I fly, I exit security and B-line it for the first newspaper stand I can find. I know exactly what I’m looking for and fully trust it will be there. From the bottom of the pile (to ensure the issue is extra crisp and not flipped through), I grab that month’s Vogue. I’ve done this for years. There is something about the tradition and the consistency of the publication that is so comforting. I love knowing there will [Continue Reading]

Time to Rebrand? How to Know When It’s Time & How to Make it Happen (With Checklist & Worksheet)

I should have known by the third workshop on defining my brand that change was coming. Or maybe I should have gotten the clue I needed to refocus when I paused writing the words, “writer” and “blogger” because I was torn which direction to go with my posts. Instead, change happened slowly. Growth and change don’t always come in lightning bolts. Rather it often softly rolls in like lingering vanilla perfume, catching your attention on an emotional level before it [Continue Reading]

Do Your Best, Make Adjustments, Move On

  You show up for work, finish projects, meet deadlines, call, email, tweet, and update. You knock items off your to-do list, you get bunches done, (even when it doesn’t feel like it). You know if you waited for the time to be right, to be completely prepared, or to be really, truly ready to do whatever you needed to do, nothing would ever get finished. Instead, you let things be good enough. You trust. You release. You finish. You [Continue Reading]

The Simple Truth About Finding Your Writing Voice (with Interview)

Although, it was nearly a decade ago, I remember this scene vividly: In the dark projection booth of the movie theater I worked at, with the hum of film threading through the air, I wrote. Tears fell on the paper, smudging the fresh ink. Slumped, I scribbled furiously. Putting pen to paper was all I could do to survive the shift. Earlier that day, I went through a break-up that knocked me down. I figured going to work would take my [Continue Reading]

The Unexpected Reason You Struggle to Write (& the Solution That’s Right Under Your Nose)

Take a slow, deep, breath in. Hold it for the count of three. One. Two. Three. Let it out. Take another slow, deep, breath in. Hold it. One. Two. Three. Release. Picture this: She’s sitting at her desk, feeling stuck, frustrated. Half written sentences fill a mostly white screen. Backspace. Delete. Ugh. Out of sync. Unhappy. The work feels painful. She starts taking the frustration personally: “Why can’t I figure this out?” “I must be doing something wrong.” “Maybe I’m [Continue Reading]

How to Go from Wanting to Write to Actually Writing

Have you ever been standing in a circle of friends, about to say something, when all of the sudden you forget what you were going to say? Just had it. Right there. Tip of the tongue. The idea feels foggy and distant. But it’s present enough to live under your skin. You crave remembering. It’s frustrating not to have the ability to take action on your thoughts. This is similar to having the call to write, the want to write. [Continue Reading]