A Survival Guide to Self~Doubts & Writing Ruts

Self doubts and creative ruts

  When I get in a fight with myself it is not always pretty. Often the altercation is a verbal one. An inner dialog rooted in doubt and fear about expressing myself through my writing. In those moments, I must fight to move forward, to stand up for my idea and inspiration. I must fight […]

The Secret to Finding the Time to Write

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We could all use extra time to write. Writing takes time and energy. That space in your day doesn’t always feel possible. Rather you experience your day rushing by. I have been there. Before committing to a writing practice, I would go to bed thinking that tomorrow would be the day to begin. Tomorrow would come and […]

5 Minutes to Your Next Blog Post Idea (+ Worksheet)

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When was the last time you had the opportunity to spend a day writing, with the time to be inspired by the natural rhythm of your creativity? It’s probably been a while. Our days are busy, our lives fly by and the hope to write at the pace of a Parisian cafe, is often a romantic day dream. […]

Declutter to Increase Creativity and Productivity


Before writing this article I cleaned my desk, I shut all drawers, and I recycled paper that had built up over the last few days. In fact, each time I sit down to write, I organize the space around me. It helps me think and helps me feel like my creativity is supported by my […]

The Counter Intuitive Way to Gain Clarity & Focus

The Counter

  Do you ever feel foggy about what to write or how to go forward? I do at times. In fact, I was feeling this way right before writing this article. Here’s what happened. Although I was excited and motivated to get writing, none of the ideas I had felt quite right to go forward […]

How to Get Up When Criticism Gets You Down

How to Get Up When

Recently a reader of a guest post of mine pointed out that I had made some grammatical errors in the article and if I were to write about writing I better get my editing skills up to par. Upon reading this, I crumpled. A heaviness seized in my chest and gut. I felt shame, felt […]

Pump Yourself Up for a Slam Dunk Writing Session

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This morning I didn’t feel like writing. Getting to work was the last thing I wanted to do, even though I had high creative goals for myself. It was one of those days where creating felt like a burden. As I imagine you can relate, writing doesn’t always come easily. In fact, it can be a struggle. Not only […]

Ten New Creativity & Writing Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

Ten New Writing & Creativity

Having lots of writing resources at your fingertips is a great way to activate and support your creative process. When you feel stuck, need inspiration, or support, there are great creativity and writing blogs on the web ready to meet your needs. Well known blogs such as Write to Done, The Write Practice, Live Write Thrive, The Positive Writer and Goins, Writer, are well […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a (2)

Are you thinking of starting a blog but you have questions and hesitations that stop you from taking action? You may wonder if blogging is right for you, if you have the time to commit, or if you are ready to be writing for an audience. Blogging takes commitment and patience. You have to approach […]

Change Your Posture to Feel More Confident and Creative

Change Your (2)

Do you ever feel like you could use a confidence boost? I know I do at times. Not only can we use confidence boosts throughout our days, but we can use them when it comes to our writing practice. Approaching our work from a place of empowerment can positively affect our work and experience of […]